Flotilla not found via rockpool


I’m running Raspian Jessie on my pi and downloaded all the flotilla packages (using curl -sS get.pimoroni.com/rockpool | bash). But having plugged my dock into my b+ pi and restarted, its not picked up on my network via rockpool.

Pinging gives 100% success, but I can’t see flotilla listed using lsusb.

I’d be grateful for some next steps as I’m a bit confused!


Simon :)

Hum, are you using the cables supplied? The red one must be used to link the dock to the host, the others are not standard USB cables.


sudo service flotillad stop
/usr/bin/flotilla -d

This will launch flotilla and it should tell you whether the process finds a dock.

Hi RogueM,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yup only using official cables.

Here’s the output for /usr/bin/flotilla -d

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ /usr/bin/flotilla -d
[2016/01/03 17:05:14] Flotilla Ready To Set Sail...
[2016/01/03 17:05:14] Listening on port 9395
[2016/01/03 17:05:14] Got # Version: 0.1
[2016/01/03 17:05:15] Got # Serial: 110022
[2016/01/03 17:05:16] Got 
[2016/01/03 17:05:17] Got 
[2016/01/03 17:05:17] Flotilla_Dock.cpp: Failed to get version information...
[2016/01/03 17:05:18] Got # Version: 0.1
[2016/01/03 17:05:18] Got # Serial: 110022003458363737330f
[2016/01/03 17:05:18] Got # User: Unnamed
[2016/01/03 17:05:18] Got # Dock: Unnamed
[2016/01/03 17:05:18] Dock Disconnected, serial 110022003458363737330f
[2016/01/03 17:05:19] Got # Version: 0.1
[2016/01/03 17:05:19] Got # Serial: 110022003458363737330f
[2016/01/03 17:05:19] Got # User: Unnamed
[2016/01/03 17:05:19] Got # Dock: Unnamed
[2016/01/03 17:05:19] Dock 1 Connected!
[2016/01/03 17:05:19] Enumerating Dock, serial 110022003458363737330f...

It then hangs at this point.

So my interpretation is that it does find the dock. Which is odd given that rockpool can’t locate it.

What should my next step be?


SB :)

yes, it seems to find the dock. You don’t have to wait for the network scanning, just connect to the default address. I’m pretty sure it will work.

See https://github.com/RogueM/flotilla-offline/blob/master/documentation/Flotilla-Getting_Started.pdf
For a hopefully clear outline of the process ;-)

Hmm. Just connecting won’t work either. On my iPad it hangs and on my PC it goes straight to searching even if you click connect. 😒

… right you’ve lost me there. If you try to connect from anything but the Pi the Flotilla server/daemon is running then won’t work, you have to use the IP address of the Pi!

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve not had much time for tinkering.

Ahhh that makes sense! I was assuming that Rockpool scanned the local network and would find it if I was using it as headless.

I’ll give it a go tonight and let you know. :)

Will be interested to see how this pans out. I’ve recently - mostly - completed implementation of a new discovery service to make Rockpool much faster at finding the dock, so it should hopefully be much, much easier and less mystifying in future.

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Hi Team,

Just a quick note that an update of the flotilla daemon and using the instructions @RogueM posted as me up and running!

Thanks for the patience. :)