Flotilla shows no Inputs/Outputs and 'Talking' light pulses


Hi All,
Newbie here, having a play with a raspberry Pi for the first time and also trying to get ‘anything’ working with the mega treasure chest kit. I’ve done all sorts so far to get it working but never had Rockpool show that it can see the dock. I can ping with success each time.

sudo service flotillad stop
/usr/bin/flotilla -d

Doing the above finds the dock and tells me that the touch input is connected to it

This give me hope that I’m nearly there, I’ve tried re-starting it many times to no avail, is there anything I can check please, been at it nearly 6 hours trying this and that!!


I’m fairly sure the problem is your choice of browser, not all of them are created equal and therefore can be supported. Try with Epiphany first to confirm it works there!


Ah ok, that’s interesting as I just followed the instructions in the mega chest which said to open flotilla from the menu. Will try that tomorrow and see how it goes!


the Rockpool shortcut will call your default browser, whichever that may be. You can however type the following in any browser: