Flotilla problems with Pi4 and Buster

I am trying to use my old Flotilla kit on my new 4Gb Pi4 under Buster. I edited the install file as advised elsewhere on the forum and this seems to run ok - well, rockpool appears in my menu at least. However, when I connect the hub, rockpool shows two hubs (???) and says they need to be updated. When I click on the active “update” link it takes me to the “getting started” page, but none of the apparently active hotspots on that page are actually active, so the process ends there! Also, which may be unrelated, connecting the hub renders my wireless mouse inoperable, removing the hub restores the mouse, but I’ve reverted to my old cable-connected mouse for the time being.

Any help please?

I have just posted a similar message, I do hope they respond, I hate to think it’s all abandoned

Ok, thanks for this. I may get back to you when I’ve looked at the topic.


No, Amatech, I posted this under “support” as well, but though there has been plenty of views, neither request has drawn out any helpful answers.

I have posted on thier Twitter account ask if they are still supporting Flotilla

Thank you - let’s see if that will produce a response

Did you see the response I had from Alphanumeric

I have now thanks. I had thought of taking an older pi from another project I had used it in, but hadn’t got around to it yet!