Cannot set up flotilla software


Trying to set up Flotilla Rockpool on new RaspPi 3 under jessie O/S.

First, tried using “curl -sS | bash” as directed by installation instructions. After I give prompt to proceed, I get

Checking environment…
We can’t connect to the Internet, check your network!

Needless to say, I AM connected to the internet. So I download code from “” and install it. When I start Rockpool it finds the Dock, but says it needs updating. When I click on update link, I end up at Pimoroni site and there’s no information on how to update the Dock or the software or anything Flotilla related.

Has the Flotilla system been abandoned?


It has not, but we’re working behind the scenes to get the software in a shape where we can start to push it again.

The bash install scripts check a specific IP address for internet access (Google’s DNS server IIRC), if you have this blocked then if will fail, believing there’s no connection.

You can find the firmware updater within the Python repository: