Cookbook for Flotilla recipies?

Could we have a cookbook sub-forum where people could submit their own flotilla recipes?


I reckon we could! :-) Watch this space…

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A site dedicated to recipes would be awesome!
With ranking, and help to correctly write recipes, tutorials, …

Yes, a recipe template would help ensure consistency. Ingredients, method and photos.

Dear Flotilla Team,
I supposed you should insert in the kit some “Cookbook recipes”. No one included in the pack.
Anyone in the same?
Thanks in advance.

Yes same here - no recipes. A bit confused. Worked this out for myself but haven’t progressed:

there are 2 available here, with more (noisemaker next I believe) coming:

… I’ve also started tonight to assemble some basic documentation of the interface, to help lift the veil on some aspects that may need explaining. Perhaps this topic can serve to channel your questions, and I’m happy to try to assemble the answers (sourcing them if necessary) in a PDF or some adequate alternative method.

Thanks! I had a look at but was still confused - I think I got the mood light working, but wasn’t sure what it was doing. Can you look inside at the code? I couldn’t get the weather station to work at all. Nothing happened when I clicked on it. Looking forward to finding out what to do with my Noisemaker - looks lovely, though:

You can look at the page source and see what the controls do, for the mood lighting anyhow.

For data mangling/converstion (weather) some of it I believe is done in the dock itself, so for example rockpool/cookbooks can request either raw/normalised or formatted/converted values. @gadgetoid would have to confirm…

Not sure what could be wrong for you with weather, I have my modules plugged in no particular order, nor do I believe it matters.


I have got the mood-light cookbook running and can view the page source.

As someone who is not that familiar with html and javascript(?) all I can say is impressive!
Given time I could work out what is going on.

I am not sure what format the cookbooks are going to be, to begin with I would be happy with some screen shots of how you use RockPool-Flotilla to implant the functionality.

Look forward to the software updates.

I suspect the CookBook are as intended as they exist now as they are, and Rockpool for that matter, primarily intended at non-coders. The Python API repo will I suspect mirror the examples posted as recipe and the code, and possibly extended data mangling, will be readily available in that format.

… that said, for the keenly inclined, the Javascript does indeed gives an interesting peak behind the curtain.

I’ve had a bit of a play with the cookbook source. Took a copy (using view source in browser) and saved to local file. Almost worked straight off, but a couple of source files are referenced without full URLs. Once I fixed those, it runs fine, and I have been able to make a few modifications for my own purposes.

Next up I think I will get all of the rockpool and cookbook files local and start learning by breaking.

BTW, I think there is a bug in the weather section of modules.js: “if (temp>temp)” should read (if temp>highest). Also, strictly speaking you need a “lowest” check - particularly if used outside at the moment.

Anybody any thoughts on how the barometer semi-circle display is meant to work in the weather station cookbook?