Where are the cookbook recipes?

My son and I just completed assembly of the line following robot, following the video instructions (great video - easy to follow!). The video mentioned a follow up video to explain the software side of the project but I can’t find anything.

We tried flotil.la/cookbook but there are only two ‘recipes’ there - where is the line-following robot recipe?



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Anyone? How did this come with absolutely zero instructions on how the rockpool interface works?

  1. Read the Getting Started Guide (pdf) on the Flotilla github.
  2. Download the software to a Pi with the curl command given.
  3. Plug the Octopus dock into the pi, and some inputs (switches) and outputs (lights) into the dock
  4. Watch the Bilge Tank episode on YouTube and it’s clear from that that you just have to…
  5. connect to the dock through http://flotil.la/rockpool. the is if it’s directly connected, or let it scan or enter IP address of Pi if known.
  6. Click on + by Input to add an input (if you;ve one plugged in) and + by Outputs.

Hope you have fun from there.