Flotil.la website entirely offline

I’m trying to resurrect my old Flotilla kit for some demonstrations at scouts, but unfortunately I can’t access any of the old docs or examples because the website flotil.la seems to be entirely unreachable at the minute. Can this be brought back online, or is this project now officially dead?

There is some Flotilla stuff here in Pimoroni’s Github repository.
Pimoroni Ltd (github.com)

Yeah, thanks, I saw those (I got the ‘flotilla-offline’ repo onto my raspberry pi to run the server). But it’s the cookbook I’m particularly after – even if I copy the ‘flotilla-cookbook’ repo onto a web server I control, it still tries to load static content from the flotil.la web server, so none of the pages work. I think I might have had some of the cookbook stuff on physical cards at one point but I can’t find those any more. Does anyone know of any way to access the online cookbook without using the flotil.la site?

Can’t help you there unfortunately. I don’t own any Flotilla stuff.