Flotilla large starter kit no longer available?


I had set my heart on a Flotiila large starter kit (when enough doubloons and discount codes were available). Alas it seems that the large starter kit isn’t in the shop any more. :(
Has that kit been “retired” forever?
Or was it only ever a kickstarter reward?


I’ve worked out that the large starter kit was previously in the shop and not just a kickstarter reward.
But it appears that it’s been “largely” removed.
However, I’ve also worked out that a medium kit plus my own choices of a few other modules and cables might be a better bet (even if it costs a few quid more).


It is a shame that flotila doesn’t receive the attention it deserves it is a really great system that I find really fun and refreshing.

It is really quite hard to find on their site and I hope this will change. A lot of effort went into it and I hope they can make it more easily accessible to start of with as the software and hardware are both polished and great.


I did have a poke around to find out where the large starter kit had got to, apparently we never launched it on the shop. I think it’s one of those things that, at the moment anyway, just wouldn’t be popular enough to justify kitting, stocking, etc. We’re busy beavers and something has to give :(

I’ve said this before, and I’ve probably said that I’ve said this before, and I’ve probably said that I’ve said that I’ve said this before. but Flotilla is still very much a going concern and we’re making slow and steady progress with fine tuning the software experience, coming up with and tweaking examples, and battle-testing the libraries. Hopefully once we’re happy with how it all works and looks and feels we’ll be much more keen to think through and promote the kits!


Even if the large kit didn’t quite make it past the “coming soon” shop page, the medium kit did!
A medium starter kit plus a couple of other modules are in my “super” order!
Pimoroni, please, please don’t let me down!
I don’t need yet another pile of electronics looking for a reason to actually use it.
Let’s get Flotilla out of dry dock, off the back-burner and make it all ship-shape and Bristol (or Sheffield) fashion!


I agree.
I’ve got large starter kit but am still waiting for enough documentation to be able to use it fully from Python.


The python API is being worked on as we speak. The examples provided aim to provide a starting point and illustrate useful interaction between modules.

If there is anything specific you would like answered, or guidance for a specific use-case the best course of action is to create an issue in the flotilla-python repository:


I’ve now received my medium++ kit (I added dial, number and matrix modules) and I’m very happy to report that everything seems to work straight out of the box.

I even managed to tweak the pimoroni usb serial driver so it would install on my 32 bit Windows 7 (not all of us have a 64 bit Windows system!). I could then talk directly from a serial terminal (putty) window to the dock on my netbook just like on the raspberry. I used the ever so informative gitbook called Flotilla Protocol, by someone called Phil Howard. https://www.gitbook.com/book/gadgetoid/flotilla-protocol/details He seems to be a bit of a flotilla gadgetoid! ;))

While I was waiting for my order to reach Germany (it takes a while…), I had a look at how the cookbook javascript works, also very interesting indeed.

Lots of flotilla hacking around coming up!


I really need to flesh out that GitBook :D It was something of an experiment/reminder to myself. Let me know if you find any shortcomings!


Just found this - very helpful - Thanks