Flotilla - Unofficial getting started guide

Like many, I am marvelling at the nautical goodness that Pimoroni has recently shipped across the seven seas. Tinker Bell may even have put some pixel dust in your stockings…

So… you’re on the starting block but mildly confident what to plug where and when to click what? The good news is that Flotilla is extremely intuitive to use but like any new songs reading the words to it helps you get intimate with the music…

I’ve therefore assembled a Getting Started guide for Flotilla and Rockpool in particular that I hope will get you comfy with your new tentacled friend. Without further ado:



Fantastic, thank you! This is a perfect introductory guide, I love it.
Now, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere: is there a guide to getting started with Python anywhere?

If you mean a guide to the Flotilla Python API itself, no, I’m afraid.
In term of installing, follow the instructions at the very bottom of flotil.la/start/

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I like the guide, it has answered a few questions and you have probably solved my problems with the python API , I did sudo Python setup…
And not python3!

thank you - I have a simple Flotilla project in mind that needs Python, might be quite cool!

Many thanks for this. Just a note. After many hours I couldn’t get this to work on an original Pi running Jessie. Worked first time on a Pi 2 running Wheezy. I had an original Pi working with Jessie and an early release of Rockpool from Git just before Christmas.

yes, anything but Pi2/3 is underpowered for anything but serving a flotilla rig over the network. It is perfectly adequate in that context however, which is particularly worth noting for robots and any other projects where you’d probably want to take control from a remote device anyhow.

Getting started with python is surprisingly easy. Either look at the examples in https://github.com/pimoroni/flotilla-python/tree/master/examples or alternatively, start ipython, get a client (import flotilla, client = flotilla.Client()) and TAB complete until you find what you need.

just to note this topic relates to a new superseded version of Rockpool, so I’m going to lock the topic.