Flotilla Light Sensor


Hello There,

I was building a robot with the parts from the Flotilla Mega Chest (THANK YOU GUYS FOR THIS KIT!!! IT IS AMAZING =))

Once the robot was completed, I found that one of the light sensors had a small chip in it. =( Flotilla didn’t pick up the input either when I plugged it in. I tired a few different cables to make sure that it was not the cables … but … ya … So what more do you need for me to trouble shoot / replace the part?

( more details here: Robot!)



if your second light module works then clearly you’re doing nothing wrong - it must be DOA… shoot support@pimoroni.com and they’ll organise shipping of a replacement.


Ya there is clear that there is a chip in one of the sensors … but I had a hard time taking a picture with my phone, then had an issue trying to upload it … I will send the note now …