Galactic Unicorn as VU meter


Anyone tried to run a Galactic Unicorn as a VU meter?
It will need some kind of audio sampling interface.

Have you seen the Blunicorn software (for using Galactic / Cosmic as a Bluetooth speaker?) It’s written in C++, but you might be able to use some of the audio visualiser stuff :)

Yes hel, I did see that and ran it. I like it a lot but you need to play music through the Unicorn. I was thinking of an audio interface and software to use the board as a visualiser.

That example you mentioned is awesome,but I am not that good at programming. I was hoping that someone already tried sonething like this.

I believe it should be doable. If you Google “Pi Pico audio visualiser” you’ll find projects such as the one linked below:

So the hard part is just figuring out how to get the audio signal into the Pico. Once you have done that, you just have to write some code to display it (which you can probably steal from the project @hel shared above)

Thank you,I appreciate the pointer. I’ll have a look.

Did you get anywhere with this? I’ve just got a Galactic Unicorn and was going to have a play with it.

No,I got very busy and I was waiting for fall/winter when things are quieter to try something.
But if you get there before me I would certainly appreciate an update.

Phil Howard @gadgetoid did a vu meter on a Galactic Unicorn.
And I do believe it was via Bluetooth?
I saw it on his Twitter account a while back.
Message him on Twitter and he will likely share his code.
Or message him here.

Think that was what @hel linked to earlier?

ops, yes your right. Missed it somehow, too early in the morning, lol.
Carry on, nothing to see here. =(

I only realised because I tried posting the link myself and the forum let me know I’d been beaten to it :-)

Ah, I didn’t even have a link, so no warning.

I have tried gadgetoid code ( Blumicorn software) mentioned by hel and it works but I was looking at getting the audio signal into the pico and go from there.
The link that andywarburton posted is more along the lines I wanted to do it but I haven’t got time to try it.
If I get there before someone else and i get it to work I’ll update it here.

I started looking at this. Progress is a little slow for various reasons but I’ve got a spectrogram up and running based on Bluetooth audio

Code only starts up about 1/4 of the time but I’ve got some flaky code reading the analogue light sensor using DMA. Fan blades are interrupting a beam of light from a small torch here.

Next step is to add an analogue microphone but Galactic Unicorn wasn’t designed to do this, all the RP2040 ADC pins got used for basic stuff…

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Using the electret microphone on the SparkFun Sound Meter

And if anyone knows how to make Pi Pico W’s Bluetooth coexist nicely with DMA ADC, replies welcome on Raspberry Pi Forums: Pi Pico General: DMA ADC vs Bluetooth/Wi-Fi on Pico W?.


I started a new thread for a guitar tuner I’ve been working on recently: Guitar (instrument) tuner using Galactic Unicorn