Getting started with PicoSystem + 32blit?


I have been trying (albeit unsuccessfully) to build the SDK 0.2.0 and examples for PicoSystem

I have installed the SDK and can build with cmake + the visual studio compiler + run native windows builds of the examples

I have installed the ARM embedded toolchain (gcc et al) for Cortex-M devices
I have installed the rpi-2040 SDK and it can build its hello world (so I have a working cross compiler + toolchain etc)

Is there any documentation on how to get the 32blit SDK to use the pico-sdk?


Most of the 32blit folks are hanging out on the 32blit discord, I think. Here’s some links to possibly useful 32blit/PicoSystem stuff that were posted on there yesterday!

If you’re after .uf2s to play with there are some auto builds here in various states - 32blit Games

And the getting started for 32blit SDK on PicoSystem is here: 32blit-sdk/ at master · 32blit/32blit-sdk · GitHub
Though it’s all a little shy of being totally beginner friendly at the moment

Also here’s Dots -

And rocks & diamonds -

and of course Top games tagged pico-system -


And that was the documentation I was missing. Thank you!