Hi all !
Just received my 32blit today !

I know that one of the perks of the Kickstarter was access to tutorials and lessons. Where can I find those ?

There’s a wealth of examples in the SDK (GitHub - 32blit/32blit-sdk: 32blit SDK), but I believe the actual tutorials are still something of a work in progress.

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Thank you. Will check that

Those of us who have not used Visual Studio before will need either a single click installer or a very detailed, simple to follow guide/video to set up the very involved toolchain.

I’ve given up with the Pico C/C++ SDK for the moment - it felt like bashing my head against a brick wall. Just hope there will be some help with this.

We’re (usually) a very helpful bunch over on Discord; to be honest Visual Studio is a pain (although less so now we have it talking nicely to CMake), and I’m hoping to persuade as many people as possible of the benefits of WSL (or, you know, installing a VM with a proper OS :-) )

DaftFreak has done some amazing work on a ‘bare essentials’ Windows build path, in 32blit-sdk/Windows.md at master · 32blit/32blit-sdk · GitHub