Any C++ example projects

I’ve not had time to build with my 32 Blit device, but has anyone attempted a C++ project on this device? If so can you share the project on GitHub?

There are quite a lot of projects over here: BlitHub Blits
Most of them are open source and their code can be found on GitHub.

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Thank you for the link.

I downloaded and tried to play some of the examples at BlitHub. I copied the .blit files onto an sd card and put the into my 32blit. When I try to run the games, the screen just flashes, and goes to the game selection menu.

Is there some configuration on the 32blit or sd card needed to run any of the examples?

Hmm, that might be a firmware version level (although I can’t remember quite when we last had a breaking change there) - if you open the system menu what version does it show on the bottom right?

eta: also, which blits are you trying, in case there’s something funny with them (especially if they’re @gadgetoid’s…)

Since I’ve received the 32blit, I’ve not updated the firmware, it has the factory default. I believe it has 0.1.2

It was a firmware issue. I updated the firmware to 0.2.0 and now the examples are working! Thanks for your help.

Glad to hear you’re sorted!