I just bricked my new blit32

I just got a new blit32. I tried out the demos, downloaded some games and tried to connect to it. It came up with MSC Initialising but never got past that and didn’t appear as a drive. This was the same connecting to my Raspberry Pi and my Windows 10 PC with two different cables.

So I thought I’d try updating the firmware. I downloaded the v0.1.13 STM32 file, installed dfu-utils on the Raspberry Pi and copied the command line exactly from the instructions. It said it was installing, but now the 32blit won’t turn on, won’t respond to any buttons and appears completley dead.

Is there any way out of this? Any combination of button presses that might revive it?

I don’t suppose this is covered by the guarantee. Does Pimoroni do repairs? Can I send it back and have it fixed? Or have I just thrown away £130 ?

Panic over. I found that I have to press the tiny reset button and install a launcher.

The new firmware has storage mode selection in a different place but it still doesn’t work. It just says initialising.

Do you have a memory card in the blit? I know that some things behave … uninformatively if you don’t.

It’s definitely a familiar sounding hiccup though, so if it’s not that then do head over to the 32blit discord (it’s linked from the product page), which is filled with people who know every inch of the beast!

We’ll get you working!

Thank you for the info. It only mounts as a device if there is a memory card in it. It appears as a single drive which is the memory card. Should you be able to access the internal flash memory as a drive? I can’t do that, although I can write to it with the 32blit utility and delete games with the launcher.

You’ve managed to get me started. Now I need to head off, look for programming tutorials and see what I can make this thing do.

No, the internal flash isn’t exposed as a drive; the management of that is all either done by the on board launcher or the 32blit cmd line tool.

It’s a great little device, once you get used to how it works :)