Prepare the newcomers experience

As I’m starting to try to use my 32blit, is there a start of documentation that we could comment and enrich?

I mean, the readme file is here but really hardcore and if some points are easy for me because I already know some bits, it won’t be true for everyone for the release. And of coursen there will be plenty of things I don’t know and once I figured out, it may be good to keep track of every possible itch for a newcomer

For now, I’ll keep tracks of my difficulties here, it is far better than Discord for this I think.

First, documentation will need some better detailed explanation on what to install.
arm-gcc is not the name of what you install on Ubuntu, pretty sure on other platforms also.

Then, building my first example was easy on the desktop.
I tried the stm32 build and it was ok.

But then, the line:

../../../tools/dfu build --out palette-cycle.dfu palette-cycle.bin

If you don’t go and read tools/, you won’t have pip installed the modules construct, bitarray and bitstring.
Maybe point to the README before the command.

Then… then nothing.
The file has no explanation on the way to push the binary to the 32blit.
I’ll summarize my findings from Discord here.

I hope it can be useful, those lines are just here to help.

I posted a mini guide on here for setting up under Linux

To flash the binary to the 32blit under linux you don’t even need that python script. That’s for use with windows “defuse demo” program

Put 32blit into dfu mode
‘Hold X and Y and press reset’

sudo dfu-util -a 0 -s 0x08000000 -D palette-cycle.bin

Note you can do this over usb connected to the pc - no need for an st link cable.

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oh yes, I just feel stupid because I was only looking in beta forum.
I had help on Discord, and a forum is already a better place for newcomers to search information.