Firmware help

Got my 32blit today and it’s stuck in this weird not menu, nothing is responsive, and it doesn’t show up as a drive on my computer. I can put it in talk to the computer mode by holding the 2 buttons and reset, but that doesn’t do much.

I’ve tried to flash new firmware from ubuntu wsl but im stuck at

mkdir build.stm32
cd build.stm32
cmake … -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=…/32blit.toolchain

With the cmake error 32blit tools not found, even tho I’m in the directory.

So yeah, I’m kinda bricked rn ! Any help appreciated

Yikes. Did you get any help with this? All the buzz is over at Discord at the moment.

The firmware update instructions are here - 32blit-sdk/ at master · 32blit/32blit-sdk · GitHub

But broadly you shouldn’t need to compile from source, you can grab the .bin file from the latest release: Releases · 32blit/32blit-sdk · GitHub