GPIO cabling to Rain and Wind Sensors

I am adding a rain gauge and possibly a wind direction/strength sensor to my weather PI. They both work by a magnet making and breaking a reed switch.
The easiest way to connect them would be by cables to selected GPIO pins, but I am unsure how long those cables can be.
Also, I could use the 3.3V from the PI or put two AAA batteries, for a nominal 3V, at the sensors, but I am unsure how much tolerance to cable voltage drop the PI will be, after all the wind sensors are at the top of a pole!
Has anybody else played around with this and can make some suggestions?

I haven’t done anything like that myself. You’d need to research it a bit more but one of these may help with signal handling.

How far is the sensor from the Pi? You could probably run 25 feet with no problems.

It should be less than 25 feet, so that’s promising!
Anybody interested in doing the same there is a nice project description on the Raspberry site: