WeatherHAT and weather sensor problem

I have my WeatherHAT setup order PI544222 and eventually got a Pi4 to put it on an setup later on.

Now I am running the default ‘all in’ code from github and everything works apart from the Rain and WindSpeed
WindSpeed didn’t do anything for a week, I twiddle a cable under one of the parts and it worked for a few days and stopped again. Wind direction seems to be changing OK.
The Rain has never measured anything despite it chucking it down a few days ago.
What can I check or do I send it back (given I bought it back in Feb but only just got the Pi4 to test it on, the Zero was too much trouble with the desktop)

Anything to check, known problems etc.

Does the soldering on the rain & weather connectors look OK? We had a few probs with attaching those big chunky connectors early on but those issues should have been sorted now (though if yours was from February perhaps you got an early one?)

Any difference in behaviour if you swap the rain/wind wires round?

No change switching them main cables around around.
No change connecting the Wind directly, bypassing the (giving measurements) direction sensor.

Both are just read switch from the diagrams so…

Not being able to find my multimeter to check for a full circuit when the reed is connected, I dragged out my old Picoscope and made a connecter to measure the pulses (1.5V used) at the end of the cable for wind, I do get pulses. suggesting the wind vane and cable is fine.
Tried the full length cable, pulses also, suggesting wind to direction to hat cable works.

I realised I can just move the plate in the rain sensor from underneath, so avoiding water all over the computer, and I get pulses from that too.

Soldering looks very neat, not a lot to see. Just the metal pin strips sticking out the back.

But looks like the board end as I get pulses from the end of both cables.


Yeah, smells like faulty hardware somewhere to me - if you drop a message to support with a link to this thread and some photos of your setup they’ll be able to help.