Weather Hat Issue

Had an oops installing the board last evening and all of the sudden it was smoking from the circled position below. Can anyone identify what part of the board this is and if it’s still salvageable?

I’d say its probably U2, the onboard 5V to 3.3V regulator.
weather_hat.sch (

That would make sense… and now I need a new board…

IMHO Odds are more than just that got damaged. Plus you need Surface Mount Device soldering skills to replace it. It all depends on your skill level.

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yeah that’s beyond my skill set. Lesson learned… placed order for replacement

I’ve done a similar thing and let the magic blue smoke out of a Pi Zero. I was back powering via the GPIO header. The Hat was fine but the Pi got fried. I’m a lot more careful now and double check before powering up. I have a bunch of custom setups where my Pi Zero has a female right angle header on the back side. Really easy to plug it in wrong way around.

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