Popped ESP8266 IoT pHAT


I inserted my ESP8266 IoT pHAT the wrong way round into my Pi Zero W, and it appeared to release the magic purple smoke that makes it work… What component would need to be replaced in order to put the magic purple smoke back inside? Is it a component on the carrier board, or would it have been the ESP chip itself? I have spare ESP chips, so that’s why I’m asking if it’s a quick fix or not?

Thanks in advance.

If you meant “smoke” literally, and especially if you heard a “pop”, the component(s) that failed should be pretty obvious. Look for craters, burn marks or anything that isn’t pristine.

Need to get the magnifying glass out!!!
I reckon it may be the actual ESP8266 though… I suspect that the probability of that 95% as opposed to another component on the board itself… if anyone else has done the same thing, did you manage to fix it? If so, what did you replace?