I did a dumb thing... (Automationhat)

Hey guys, I did a real dumb thing today. I got my mini black hat hacker and plugged it in then connected my automationhat. I had other things to do so I didn’t notice until hours later that I connected the automationhat backwards! I tried the output example and can hear the relay clicking but no lights. Obviously something is fried, but is it still usable or do I write it off and get a new one?
Thank you in advance for the help.

If it was me I wouldn’t trust it / use it. You may have also damaged that raspberry Pi?
I plugged a Pi Zero in one row off. No magic blue smoke, but it never worked again, it wouldn’t even boot up. I was powering via the GPIO PINs so I sent 5V into the 3.3V pin. It happens to the best of us, one little moment of inattention. =(

Wish I had a dollar for all the blue smoke I created,plugging in things without my glasses on is a no no,for me