No power to Pi Zero [RESOLVED]

Hey all,

This is my first post here on Pimoroni. I’m currently having issues with the third Pi Zero that I’ve been working on as it has stopped powering on. I had originally had power to it after soldering on a set of GPIO connections and connected it to a Unicorn pHat, but when I attempted to power it on by itself it wouldn’t power on. I see no LED illuminating and can no longer power it on when connected to the pHat. This is the same when using a known good power source (tested with a known good unit) and minimum system configurations.

In order to share something that might have caused the fault, I was in the stage of testing it through a HDMI monitor and had a monitor connected, a newly imaged SD card connected and a WiFi dongle connected. When plugging in the power Micro-USB everything went dead.

Any help would be awesome, but I’m worried that I may have inadvertently killed the Pi :(

The soldering on the unit

hello ,a lot the pins are still showing brass color ,meaning they are not soldered correctly or might not be soldered correctly ,they might not be making a full connection ,so gently heat with iron and remelt the solder

What you say is true, however the GPIO plays no part in powering up of the Pi, it’s a 100%, if very useful, optional extension to the Pi functionality. That said, there could have been a short (maybe visible only on the front ?), but that is sort of the opposite problem, i.e too much solder was used.

To the OP, sorry we missed your post originally.

The only thing I can think of is that you might have plugged in the PSU into the USB port rather than the PWR port… not sure that’d kill a Pi but still best avoided. Other than that, can’t think of anything else on the basis of your post. I suspect you got it resolved one way or another at this point, but if not, let us know.

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Yeah turns out I was using a bad image for Noobs and both cards I was using wouldn’t boot. A quick format and I was sorted. Sorry I never replied sooner. How can I mark the post as resolved?

Done for you! (closing topic)