Pi Zero W - No onboard LEDs?


I fired up my Zero W for the first time today. There was a brief flash from the LED then nothing. I assumed it was DOA so sent in a support request.

I was curious tho so plugged it in with an ssh file and wpa supplicant configured. It’s actually working fine. Just no leds on the board at all. Is this to be expected?


I’ve got two of them, they both do it. I assume that’s a change from the original Zero.

Whoops, I ran a dist-upgrade and it started working. Wonder if it’s a firmware thing? Did add/remove some act-light stuff from the boot/overlays folder.

Cue one embarrassing conversation with whoever picks up my ticket tomorrow :o

Looks like there’s been an update since last night which has fixed the LED and also the clock speed is back to 1GHz now.

Yes i have done an update and all is now good. I thought that i didn’t have the LED working but now all good.

Saw the same thing last night, avahi was also flaky so i thought it was dead
until i did a port scan and found it.

I’ll be grabbing that update now, thanks for the heads up.

I saw the massive difference in the status LED when I tested the new release, too. Previously it was confusing enough that we’d sat on BilgeTank uplugging and replugging the power thinking the SD card had corrupted or something. D’oh!