I think my pi Zero w has died now

Last night I connected the video and usb / lan cables , then the power cable. There was no video shown on a monitor, and no matter what I did , still no video. I then left it overnight, and when I picked up the zero it was really warm to being hot. I stripped everything off it, and pulled the board out to find the actual video in socket was red hot, in fact I have just burn my thumb on it, and the whole board is really quite warm.

Does it look like it’s a gonner now.

Edit: Yes it looks like its gone now as there are no leds lit when just powered up, and no route to host when I try to ssh into it.

Can you email support@pimoroni.com, please, and we can sort out a replacement for you? Assuming you bought it from us…? :-D

Thanks, and I have sent an email to the address given.