No video from newish PiZero


I had a new PiZero sent to me quite recently as a replacement for one that died, and I’m using it for a small project. Anyway, I noticed a couple of times that it wasn’t working as it should. I have tried to ssh into it, but no joy, so I connected a monitor to it and watched the screen for signs of life. There wasn’t any, so I rebooted the PiZero and waited, but still no video from it.

The green led is on so it must be working???

Any ideas as to what to do next.


If you have a spare SD card, or don’t mind writing over the current one, I’d reimage it with the latest Raspbian. Then make sure your monitor is connected and turned on before you boot up, and have another try. If your using a TV for a monitor make sure the correct input is selected on it.


Thanks, panic is over.
I disconnected the video lead from the monitor, then reconnected, and this time there was a dark grey screen. This was different then before, so I then rebooted the PiZero, and viola it came back to life.



I’ve had similar things happen with Zero’s here too. No signal, play with the cable, power cycle the monitor, reboot the Pi and its fine again. I have one monitor that will not get a signal from the Pi unless I make sure its turned on first. I think its more an issue with that monitor though, versus anything wrong with the Pi Zero. .


The Dell monitor I use for Pi’s was giving out it’s own test signal for the colours, but wasn’t picking up the Pi, at that time. I did reboot the Pi once tho’ , then when still no Pi desktop, after disonnecting then reconnecting things, it worked!!!


I’ve had to d that once too. I think its a combination of that HDMI adapter and the case the Zero is in. I had to press it in very firmly.