Keybow 12x12 only 1/3 led's working


after assembly and booting the first time I have only managed to have led’s power up on the first row (keys 0, 1, 4, 7), I have tried different patterns like the blink.lua.

All the keys work (keypad) when the top plate with the switches are installed, so is the other 8 missing led’s definitely a hardware issue?

Pi Zero? If yes, did you solder the header on?

It was a “no need to solder set” from pimoroni and anyways the soldering on the Pi Zero looks perfectly fine.

Ok, had to ask, a bad or missing ground connection could cause an issue like that.
A fault on the keybow I guess?

Closing this post here as the issue has been resolved.

Big thanks to Matt from Pimoroni for sending me a replacement PCB that made things work as intended!