Keybow mini boots but no lights and not recognised by windows

Hi all
I’ve soldered and attached an original (not Wifi) pi zero 1.3 to the keybow mini hat and set up an sd card as per the docs.
I boot the pi while connected to a screen (either with just usb power, or actually attached to a windows 10 machine). On boot I do get a failure message about systemd-modules-service not starting up, and then a login prompt (root login gets me in a command line). At no point am I getting any flashing lights on startup.
Looking at the service, the keybow service has also failed. The logs are rotated by that point so I can’t really tell why.
Windows 10 complains I dared to attach an unknown USB device (and device manager confirms it’s got no idea what I just attached to it).

The pi itself if fine, the sd card seems ok - does boot and is stable except for that startup error and failed services. What else can I do? Could it be hardware failure?


(edit: changed typo “now w” → “not wifi”)

If you haven’t already, I’d start over and redo your SD card. Use a different card if you have a spare.
When you say (now W) do you mean “with header” or “with WIFI” ?

Sorry that was a typo - I meant “Not W” as in not wifi model. The original 1.3 version of the pi zero.
What is strange is that the card loads up ok. I can boot into a command line, log in, mess about etc…

Ok, thanks for clarifying. How are your soldering skills? I’m not saying that’s the issue but need to rule things out.
I’d still redo your card, if that fixes it then no more head scratching. If it doesn’t we just move on from there.
Just so you know, I don’t own a keybow. Still want to try and help you fix it though.

My soldering skills are classified under “it’s really been a while” :-)

Unfortunately my picture taking skills are nothing to be proud of either - but still:

I will try a different card regardless.
Really appreciate your help @alphanumeric!

I see a few that could be redone. The important ones are as follows.
Don’t forget the ground pins.
Keybow Mini at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout


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Turns out a new card worked!
Now I’m even more curious how come the other card booted fine but refused to work, but that’s a story for another time.
@alphanumeric many many thanks!

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That other SD Card may still be OK, to redo and reuse. All you need is one little glitch software wise along the way to get you.