Keybow not booting first install


Just got my Raspberry Pi Zero and Keybow Kit (3-key).
I solded the pins and pushed it as far as it can go (and did all the other stuff mentioned here

But still I only get one blue light (the left button) on the Keybow. Why?

SD-card has been quick-formated (and deep formated), the content is uploaded to the SD-card (not the whole folder, but only files).
Can´t see the Keybow in my Mac, and as mentioned just one light - no more reaction.

And when I plug a mini HDMI cable in no text appearing on the screen (like suggested in the link above).

Any suggestions?

In advance thank you!

How good are your soldering skills? If you can, it might help to post a picture of your soldering, just to rule that out as a possible issue. If your an old hand with soldering don’t bother with the picture. ;)
USB cable plugged into the Data port, not the power port?
Does the status led blink?
How big is your SD card and did you format it as Fat?

Hi @alphanumeric!
Turns out it was the SD-card :) changed it with a much smaller/older one and it works.

Thanks for the help!


Yeah, the size of the card will affect how Windows “wants” to format it. And the Pi can only boot from a Fat formatted drive / partition. I use Etcher to image my cards with Raspbian, and Motion Eye. That way the boot partition is what the Pi wants.
I’m not sure that was your issue but its something to keep in mind if your doing a manual format and file copy type of setup.