Keybow Setup and OS - Only one blue key lights

I’ve read through all the other post for Keybow not lighting up or running into issues but haven’t see my particular issue anywhere so I wanted to throw it into the forum here.

So the Keybow has been assembled, SD Card formatted, OS downloaded and the contents of the SDCARD Folder it suggest in the instructions loaded onto the SD Card before the SD Card is inserted into the Pi.

Computer recognizes all of this, so you plug the keybow in and it does 1 of 2 reactions - the first is, you plug it in and nothing happens. The 2nd is, you unplug the USB, you plug it back in and the bottom right corner key lights up blue. With no other reaction.

I don’t see a green light on the Pi lighting up anywhere and I’m not sure right now if I’m missing something, if its my SD Card, if I’m not understanding the instructions or if I accidentally somehow managed to shock my Pi.

Anyone ideas? Or should I unscrew the base plate and try to power on the Pi itself?

Well it can’t hurt to go for basics - check the Pi on its own then you will know for sure if your foundation is good. Follow KISS (keeping it simple see :-)

Hope you’ve figured this out already, as I’m new to the forums and just now seeing your post, but if not (or for anyone else running across the issue): I had exactly the same symptom when connecting my Keybow for the first time. Turned out I had misinterpreted the instructions and copied the “sdcard” folder itself to the root of the SD card drive, rather than copying all of the individual files from that folder to the root of the card. After fixing that, the Keybow powered up nicely and is working fine. Hope this helps!