Keybow--Only 2 lights light up

I downloaded the OS, extracted the files to my SD card and plugged it in. When I power the keybow up, the only keys that light up are the green indicator light and then one other. I have tried with another SD card and I get 1 green and 3 blue keys lighting up. I understood from the instructions that the whole thing is supposed to be lit up. I do not understand what I am doing wrong. I got my Keybow OS here:

My SD card is FAT32 (I have tried two separate SDs), and my Keybow is assembled.

Any tips?

Just to double check, did you extract the whole zip file to the SD card or just the “sdcard” folder?

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I unzipped it, then copied all the files into the root file of my SD card

From the readme:

OK I just read something that made it click. I only copy the contents of the “SDCARD” folder into my sd card. I just did that, and I’ve got lights! Thanks!

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SDCARD” - DOH! I just lost an hour to this! Thanks!