Keybow power cable loose


Hi -

I’ve noticed that it’s really hard to get the keybow OTG usb cable plugged in securely. I’ve got it all up and running and working, but the smallest movement of the cable can send it rapidly cycling on and off, or just refusing to turn on.

Are there any tips? Anyone else with this problem - I don’t think its an actual problem with the hardware, but if I’m the only one then maybe it is!


hello, i dont own a Keybow ,but have had issues with a adafuit power adaper OTG usb ,so not all power plugs are created equal,did you try a different one


See if you can move the Pi Zero closer to that edge of the case. Loosen the mounting screws and give it a gentle nudge towards that edge, then tighten things back up. Maybe the USB plug is hitting the edge of the case and not going in all the way? I don’t have one either, and the product pictures of that area aren’t the best.


Hmm, looking at the assembly instructions (pictures still aren’t the best) it’s not what I was thinking. There isn’t anything there that could block the USB ports. Plugging in a USB cable looks to be tricky though? I guess just make sure its firmly inserted while assembling things?


Yeah, this was going to be my next step - taking it apart a little and putting the USB cable in before reassembling


I was thinking if I had one, I’d swap out the Pi zero for a 3A+ or maybe even an A+. You’d have easy access to a full sized USB port. Those models not having an OTG port might be why they used a Zero though? I’m thinking no OTG port might be a stumbling block, unless you could do it all via Bluetooth?


@sjm Is this with the included USB cable?


Yep, using the included USB cable


Hmm… it could be a dodgy micro-USB port on the Zero W. That does happen occasionally. Pop an email to and they’ll see about a replacement Zero WH. :-)



I have just received my Keybow in the post this afternoon and assembled it. I am getting the same issues as sjm is reporting where the device if moved slightly either direction is causing the connection to be interrupted.


I’d try a different USB cable.


The USB cables that came with my two Keybows are also wobbly; I’ve replaced them now with some other USB cables I’ve purchased earlier from Pimoroni: that older batch fits much more reliable.

PS: trying to move the Pi0W doesn’t work as it is already a close fit with all the screws and layers. While the Pi0W’s USB sockets are not exactly stellar quality-wise, the cables are the issue here.