Keybow not connecting to host computer

I’ve been trying to get the Keybow to connect to different computers and operating systems but not getting very far. I’ve read some of the other threads and so far I’ve been doing what others have suggested. I have a sneaky feeling I’m missing something, but can’t see what it is!
The SD card is working ok, keyboard lighting up as expected, but keypresses are not doing anything back to the host computer (both to a MacBook and Windows desktop).
I’ve checked that the PiZero is booting up as expected, watching the boot sequence on a separate monitor. I’ve tried with a different PiZero, multiple different USB cables, but nothing. Changed to different layouts (default and blink) and patterns, and all doing as they should on the keybow itself, but still nothing coming back to the host computer.
Not sure what other combination of possible fixes to try, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Well, that didn’t take long.
For reference, the final combination of USB cable, PiZero and port on the pi seems to now be working. I used the second mini-usb port this time (in between the other usb port and the hdmi port) and all good now.
Stepping away quietly…

Yeah, the one on the end is power in only, it has no data pins wired up to it. The middle USB connector is the full USB port with the data lines wired up. It will also back power the Pi so you can use a Pi Zero in gadget mode etc. The Zero is I believe the only one that will back power through that Port. Its a USB On The Go Port.