Keybow Mini - lights are on but nobody's home..?


Got my keybow mini last week and have spent much hours trying to get it to work. I have read every relevant forum discussion but still cannot get keypresses to register. I’ve checked continuity on the switches

The lights come on after about 10 seconds on the keybow mini and continue to cycle.
I cannot get a response from the keys

I have tried 5 different SD cards and more than 5 USB cables. I’ve connected it directly to 2 different windows pcs, a windows laptop and a laptop running linux mint

At one point it showed up as a device in windows but this is no longer the case

I connected the pi to a monitor and saw a regular boot up process, the pi login prompt:

Raspian GNU/Linux 9 keybow tty1
keybow login: [ 24.091138] random: crng init done

and then, after about 4 seconds, the message:
[ 24.230894] random: 7 urandom warning(s) missed due to ratelimiting

I am using a piZero W v1.1 that has been used already in several projects. The card is formatted fat32 as per the guide

I have edited the default.lua file as detailed in the guide and changed the mapping entries from handle key to handle minikey

Thanks if you could help me with next steps to get it working