Control another Pi with Keybow Mini

Hi! There was a previous thread about this over a year ago but I didn’t want to bump it since there was no reason to alert the OP that their unanswered question remains unanswered.

I set up a Keybow Mini on a Pi Zero W, installed Keybow OS, and set it up on my laptop, where it works great. I then tried to connect it to another Raspberry Pi over USB, intending to use it as a keyboard to control Unicorn pHAT lighting. There, the Keybow lights up but doesn’t send any commands.

Is it even possible to use the Keybow as an input for another Pi? Or am I just missing some kind of setting? Thanks!!

Odd, it should just show up as a USB keyboard, is it not detected by the Pi? If it is then the issue is likely down to what the keys are set to output in the software on the keybow, if it’s not then I’m not sure what’s happening - if you’re using it with a different USB cable than you did on the laptop then perhaps it’s a cable that only does charging rather than charging and data?