Over heating Unicorn HD

Having an Interesting problem with 2 Unicorn Hat HDs
Both of them are getting REALLY hot like… over 200F hot. Don’t think the intent is to be able to boil water with them…
I have reached out for support from Adafruit and Pimoroni and both have simply stopped responding to my emails.

The heat seems to be coming from the ARM processor on the back of the boards.
I have checked, double checked, and triple checked to make sure the only part of the Hat touching the Pis is is the GPIO pins.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
I’d really like to get these working again, as the unicorn HD is the only 16x16 RGB matrix that is small enough for the project I’m working on.


I have one here that runs 24/7 displaying weather info in a repeating scrolling message. I just ran my fingers down the back side and its fine, nothing felt hot at all?
I’m not dismissing your issue, just that I’m not seeing it on mine.
Pi Zero W, Perma Proto Hat with a DS3231 on it and a BME280 wired to it, then the Unicorn HD.

EDIT: What are you displaying on yours?
Using Pimoroni Python library?
Official Pi Foundation Power supply?

No worries,
Currently There is nothing running on it. it just gets incredibly hot.
I have tried the hat on Zero, Zero W, (2) 3B+, and a 4B 1GB
I have tried with a 1.5-3A Power Supply and an official Power Supply
I did install the libraries and runtimes from the support page as well.

Ok, so they were working and then stopped working?
Always plugged directly to the Pi’s GPIO pins, with nothing else connected to the Pi’s GPIO?