How can i find where my unicorn hat connection is shorting out on my rp zero

I soldered the pins on my rp zero, this is the third one I did and this one is not working. I am using the same software as i used with the other ones. the soldering looks like there is no short but there must be. is there anything I can do to find out which pin or pins are shorting out.

  • is there any apps to check the rp hardware which may tell me something or is there any process that will help me figure out the problem, the cpu does boot up so that is working

I think you’ve soldered it to the wrong side of the board…

You have, indeed, soldered it to the wrong side of the board. It’s really hard to mentally visualise the connections that are happening here, and to figure out what horrible things are happening as a result. If your Pi still works without the HAT attached, you should probably not plug in any other HAT since it risks sticking 5v somewhere it shouldn’t go and releasing the magic smoke.

Short of unsoldering the header, and fitting a new one to the top side of the board (a really painful endeavour to say the least), there’s not a lot you can do to recover from this. You could solder this whole Pi to the top of a Mini HAT Hack3r to reverse the GPIO back to normality ( I think some diagrams of how to do this would be in order ) but otherwise I’d suggest treating this as a learning experience and picking up a new Pi Zero. You could always fit something like an Explorer pHAT to the bottom of this and use it as a robot controller.

yep, well luckily the rp zero only cost $5.00 at my local computer store, micro center. I never would have figured it out. something so simple. at least I did the other two correctly.
Thank you very much.