How to check if a (p)HAT is working without a Pi?


Hello together,

i received my Pi Zero W, Enviro PHAT, blinkt and mini black hat hack3r among other things a week ago and started playing around. I got blinkt working (stacked directly on the Pi) and then decided to give those other parts a try.

I did not get them working and might have damaged the Pi in the process (it just gets warm/hot, does not show SD-card activity and furthermore is not registered when connected to a USB-Port).

I already ordered another Pi Zero to continue. What I would like to know is how I can find out if blinkt, Mini black hat hack3r or the Enviro PHAT is still working (and therefore none of them will damage/short circuit the Pi Zero W)?

Furthermore: how should one combine the three units and have them working?

  • blinkts rounded corners pointing towards the flat cable?
  • Enviro PHATs sensors pointing away from the flat cable?
  • Is the flat cable running over the Pi Zero?



Pin 1 of the Pi GPIO will have a square solder pad. On a Pi Zero that is the end of the GPIO header closest to the Micro SD card slot. Plug the ribbon cable in so the odd colored stripe is next to pin 1. Then find pin 1 on the Black Hat Hacker and put the strip next to it. Pin1 should then be connected to pin 1.
For the black hat hacker, if I remember right, the ribbon cable will go over the top of the Pi Like shown here,

For pHats and Hats, find PIN 1 on the header and make sure its plugged into PIN 1 on the Pi or Black Hat kit. Get it backwards and bad things can happen.