Help finding the right 8x8 LED matrix for arduino project


Hi I’m trying to get some things to go with my son’s arduino for dummies projects and have found some of the parts I need here but need help,with the 8x8 led matrix as I’ve already bought one that was wrong…the recommended ones are Jameco 2132349, Bet Lux BLAKE-M23B881UHR-11 or sure LED-MM103 - 8x8 matrix with common cathode …whatever that all means…can you recommend an alternative please???



Which is the one you’ve already bought? The only matrix we have separate from a backpack is this one:

It’ll certainly work with an Arduino, but may not work with the code documented in Arduino for Dummies. Any chance you could snap a photo of the page since I don’t have a copy here to reference.


Think I’m being rubbish but can’t get the photos to paste to here…I sent an email with them attached but that failed too! The ones they suggest in the book are the ones I listed above if that helps determine if you have something equivalent?

Thanks Jo