Help with motor choice for simple robot



I am going to build a simple Raspberry Pi robot with a Pibrella. This is my first ‘real’ robot, and I don’t know what motor I should use. I will use two motors, both of which will be in the back. It looks like these motors ( would work well, but I do not know what version is best. There will be a foam core platform with only a Raspberry Pi in a pibow coupe, but ideally I would like it to be able to carry small objects.

Thanks for any help!


The extended back shaft version is for use with an encoder- so if you want to know how far your robot has traveled then that’s the way to go.

We tend to use the 298:1 motors on our robot builds, it’s a good balance between speed and… err… accident recoverability. If you pick motors that are too fast you’ll inevitably drive the robot right off your desk as you’re working on it.

If you need lots of torque, then 1008:1 will be better. The speed isn’t listed on the site, but I estimate it as about 25 RPM- although in reality it will be lower.


Thanks for your help! I’ll try the 298:1.