What's the difference between Stepper Control and Robot controller

What’s the difference between these two products?


I want to make a robot - can I use either or would a stepper motor not really work?


It depends what you want to do with your robot.

In terms of what’s widely used by hobbyists, regular motors tend to fill the “move fast and imprecisely” role, whereas stepper motors the “move slowly and precisely” role.

These statements aren’t true of all motors and steppers, but it’s a good rule of thumb for picking a particular type of motor.

In addition to moving your, steppers are also useful for things like raising and lowering a pencil or pen, if you’re creating a turtle-style robot.

Here’s a (IMO) very good and concise application guide:

… to summarise: unless you need precision then steppers are not the best choice, they are expensive to buy and to run (i.e will drain batteries fast)