RPi Zero + Stepper



I want to control Stepper 17HS13-0404S with RPi Zero WiFi.
As I understand I need controller.
Does Adafruit TB6612 is ok for this task?
Is it cheapest and simplest way?


Yes the adafruit TB6612 will be fine for controlling a stepper motor.


I’m not sure witch library should be used for controlling using RPi.
This one? https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-dc-and-stepper-motor-hat-for-raspberry-pi/using-stepper-motors

Can not find any tutorial Adafruit TB6612 + RPi.
First “project”… :)


oh yes you may be able to replicate the adafruit arduino stepper motor library in python but it it is probably easy just to use the adafruit motor hat which is directly made for the raspberry pi sorry for not realising the lack of raspberry pi library earlier.