How do I get recalbox to run on my PiCade


I’ve built my PiCade without any issues.

I’ve installed HyperPie and RetroPie and they run fine.
I’m currently trying RecalBox and rather like the simplicity of it.

However I can’t get the PiCadeHat to install, If I play around with it (update it, etc).
The buttons and joystick start to work, however the mappings are wrong.

I’ve seen in the forums that I may need to change the firmware on the PiCadeHat, but it’s an old post and I really don’t want to mess with firmware updates just yet (until I understand what’s needed).

What do I need to do to get RecalBox recognize the PiCadeHat properly?


I’m afraid I haven’t done much experimentation with RecalBox- I looked into it briefly but didn’t get far. The trick is in understanding how their distro is assembled/functions enough to know what to ask them for when aiming for better Picade support.

They use similar building blocks to RetroPie, though, so just replacing the EmulationStation theme might get you something you’re happy with -

Picade HAT doesn’t have/need firmware or updates, it runs directly through the Pi’s GPIO.