New Picade version and Raspberry Pi 2?


Does anyone know if you can run the new picade version and the raspberry pi 2?


It does work in terms of the display.

Unfortunately I was trying to use it with RecalboxOS, and I could not get the curl script to run simply by signing in using ssh. The curl script installs the Picade X Hat.

My plan tonight is to make a regular user (RecalBox amazingly somehow only allows root access over ssh?!?!) and try again.

Thanks for letting me know

Since there’s no official release of Recalbox for the Pi 3B+ yet, I haven’t looked much into getting the Picade installer working on it. It’s on my TODO list, though, since I’d like both Recalbox and Lakka supported now that we’re using upstream drivers for all the board features.

As far as I know, RetroPie should work fine on a Pi 2 with the new HAT.