How much bilge can come from the Pirates!


Ok Please can you correct the no of times a copy of the summary is sent… I’ve now received the summary 4 times today !!!

last night 23:35, 5:42 this morning, 12:03 and 17:53. Once a week may be once a day but 4 times that is enough today.



I really don’t know what you’re talking about I’m afraid! Can you provide more detail?


You can control the email summary settings in Preferences -> Email.


The contents of the email are the same.


That is odd, as @niko says you could probably tweak the regularity in your preference. This forum platform is called Discourse if that helps!


Just checked my settings and this was how it was set and has been for months. That’s why I made the comment.

I except that it is unusual looking back in outlook I have only 1 message a week since before 22/7/15 and before but do not have prof of anything earlier. That’s why I commented privately via support but put this on the forum on the forth email.


I’m assuming that our forum provider (Discourse) had a bit of a hiccough, hopefully resolved now and back to normal service!