How to connect a 12V solenoid valve to Automation Phat output

Greetings, I want to drive a 12V solenoid valve with an output on the Automation Phat. I understand that the outputs are ‘sinking’ and there’s a maximum 500 mA capacity. The solenoid measures 115 Ohms.
Would it be correct to connect a 12V supply to one of the leads on the solenoid and then connect the other solenoid lead to one of the outputs on the Auto Phat?
I reckon the current drain would be V/R=12/115=0.104A=104mA.
The solenoid will be powered for less than 30 seconds, then rest for hours before the next ‘on’-cycle
Are there other recommendations for the correct operation of this circuit?
Thanks for reading and and support.
Cheers, Arul

Bump. . . Any support or maybe a link? Would really help this class get to the next step on this project.