How to connect

Yes, the 4 digit 7 seg display looks pretty, but it would be prettier if I could find any info about how to connect it! The web site does not appear to offer any information!

I think you’re going to need to provide some more information here, which 7-segment display are you using, and what are you trying to connect it to? They sell quite a few and they won’t all connect the same way.

The product code is COM0501. I have no information about how to wire it up - I presume that it must be plugged into a breadboard, but there are 2 rows of 8 pins with no information about how to connect it.

Driving 7 segments raw is a fair bit of work (which is why you often find them hooked onto friendlier i2c driver boards), but there’s a handy how-to lurking in the library that attempts to explain the basic principles.

(It’s always worth checking - the search engine mostly works and there’s often something lurking there to point the way)