How to contribute to enviroplus-python project on Github?

Hi everyone,

a few months ago I decided to implement an environment for a Hackfest at EMEA level focused on cloud-native technologies and IoT use-case. The Edge device hardware is based on RPi 3B+ and Enviro+ with PMS5003.
I’ve adapted the Enviroplus driver modules to make them run on Fedora IoT 64-bit and inside an OCI-standard container (working with both podman and docker). The solution is stable and works like a charm.
I’m wondering how I can contribute to the enviroplus-python project code and the documentation.

I’m keen to help,


Hi Andrea,

Thanks! You’d be welcome to make a pull request, that way we can take a look and (at a guess) set up some extra branches. I’ll give Phil a heads up.

Hi Matt,

thanks a lot for your answer.
I’ll submit a pull request to the master branch as soon as I can.