How to share projects using your products with you and others?

I am working on some cool projects using your products, and I’d love to share them with you and others.

Is there a place where people can share their projects using Pimoroni products? Something like Adafruit’s Show and Tell (but in UK time and not focussed on their products) would be fantastic, or else a place where people can post pictures/photos/how-tos but specifically for Pimoroni products. I’d love to share my Skywriter-IoT-home-automation combination with you and the UK pi/maker community as a whole, but I’m currently not sure how best to do that.


Depending on complexity of the project, these forums are a good place to start (project section). Alternatively, you could create an instructable and post the link here and on Twitter, no doubt it will be retweeted if you include the pimoroni handle.

The guys also sometimes pick up fan-made stuff for inclusion in the Bilge Tank, and if you feel that the project has wide appeal it might be worth trying to get in touch regarding a feature in the learning portal, if you are up to make a detailed write up that includes all the hardware+software steps.

OK, I will post pictures and a description in the project forum, and see where it goes from there. I would love to make a tutorial, but I feel that Instructables is possibly a little too wide-ranged for pi projects using specifically pi products and techniques.