Crowdsourced knowledge base / documentation for products?

This post concerns more broadly the whole Pimoroni site encompassing the webstore but anyway: I’d like to suggest a central place for crowdsourced content about your products (a single forum thread or even better, a wiki page per product) which could be linked from the shop page for easy and intuitive access. It could be e.g. a little wiki or a thread in the forums, preferably something that’s editable with a low threshold.

A real-life use case scenario goes that I have curated a bunch of essential notes about using one of your products, some gathered from the reviews and some elsewhere, and some info despite of rigorous googling yet only recently emerged. For a noob like me it would’ve been very helpful if the info had been readily available. I would’ve wanted to share the notes I made but I couldn’t leave a review for some reason and just starting a random thread here feels it’s not a place where people would first go looking for information. This is not intended as negative feedback but a suggestion for improvement.

I know, on one hand, having a wiki could be a bit overlapping with the forums and it would be administration overhead for you, but on the other hand it would be an easy place to crowdsource some fundamental documentation or at least links as pointers to other documentation. How does it sound?

dont have an opinion on you suggestion ,just interested in what Pimoroni hardware you are using … , This isnt really a very busy forum ,so i dont think this would be good place for it , Github ,maybe ,you can find some info added by users on pimoroni ,github pages

I like the idea, and I do think documentation could be better with Pimoroni products. Github would be easier, but a central repository which everyone knows about would make the most sense, which means either starting a common Wiki of some sort or trying to document this stuff and add it to the official Git repos. I’m not sure what the Pimoroni folk feel about the Git repos possibly getting a lot more complicated though.